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The Purpose of this site is to list the properties that we have received as donations and we are now making available for purchase to the General Public.  To see a partial list, go to our Gallery/Services page or Click Here.  Commercial and Residential Real Estate available for sale nationwide from Dvar Institute's Land Donations. Call for Details.

Our properties available increase on a daily basis, so it you are looking for a particular type of real estate, or for a particular location and you don't see it, please call today.  We have Condos, Timeshares, Residential land and homes, Commercial lots and buildings, and much more.  If you are looking for a specific property or part of the country and don't see it here, call us.  Our available real estate changes daily.

Dvarr Institute is looking for your Land Donation, Real Estate Donations, Time Share Donations, Commercial Property Donations, and you will receive a Free Vacation or Gift Bonus.

DVAR Institute has been broadcasting educational programs for about 25 years. The DVAR Show radio program airs in Rockland County and Long Island, New York, and in Philadelphia. Our shows Alternative Perspectives, The DVAR Show, and Thinking Out Loud all air on Cable vision. We hope to also announce a video-on-demand format for our shows soon, in conjunction with the Shalom TV channel. Our popular shows would then be viewable anytime over Comcast Cable and other systems. The programming features Jewish educational topics as well as general, ethical, and world events - each covered with thorough investigative reporting.

As soon as we opened, a world crisis was upon us - a hostage situation, and another potential hostage situation in an unfriendly country, motivating DVAR to facilitate a transfer of about 10,000 people out of parts of the Middle East over a 10 year period. Such projects, as well as others involving helping with the epidemic of teens in crisis and their accompanying lacking in moral direction, have all been the hallmark of the DVAR Institute.

We engage in several areas:
  • Special Programs
  • Ethics Leadership Training Programs
  • Assisting Teens In Crisis
  • Ethical Media Dissemination

Special Projects:
  • Disseminating food and products to the poor
  • Refugee program
  • Retreats
  • Personal and family counseling
To see more information about these projects and charitable works Click Here.

Our Services

Please see our Gallery/Services Page to see a list of Properties that have been donated and we have available for you to buy.   Or Click Here.

This Site is designed to list the properties we have for sale that have been donated to the Dvar Institute.  To learn more about the donations we take instead Click Here.



We have the following types of Property and Real Estate that have been donated and are available for sale:

  • Real Estate and Land:   Many of our patrons have donated land that has no structures upon it, but are able to be zoned for either residential or commercial use.
  • Timeshares/condominiums:   All across the country.  If you are looking for a specific area and don't see it in our Gallery, call us and ask.  We receive new timeshare listings and condos daily.
  • Residential Homes:  We have a variety of homes and houses across the country available for sale.
  • Commercial Properties and Real Estate:  Many of our donated properties are commercial structures that are perfect for businesses to use.  Some already have much of the necessary infrastructure needed to get your business up and running.



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