I accidentally got isoprophyl alcohol splashed in my eyes at work. We transfer alcohol from 2.55 gallon drum to 1 gallon container through a pump to use in the printing press. Well, I gave the handle one too many pumps and it went all over me. I was directed to an eye wash station immediately and throughly rinsed my eyes. A fellow employee drove me to a hospital where they treated me and advised me to follow up wtih an Opthamologist. They suggested your practice. I was off work for a month because it appeared my corneas were burned. The treateman I received was very effective. I'm ready to go back to work thanks to your team who gave me special care. I will defintiely wear eye protection from now on when transferring liquids.

Robert F, Totowa, NJ 7512

I always had 20 / 20 vision, then I developed Diabetes and began having trouble with my eyes. I was told to make an appointment with an Opthamologist. I first learned about Dr. Giliberti through my primary care physician. I scheduled my appointment. The team at this Medical Center is wonderful. I even learned a great deal about glaucoma. He took the time to explain everything. I highly recommend Dr. Giliberti.

Angela R, Paterson, NJ

Dr. Giliberti recently performed my eye surgery. I am so glad it is over. Now looking back I realize how much he helped me understand the procedure and made me very comfortable and relaxed.

Marilyn T, Little Falls, NJ

Just want you to know how thankful I am for you removing my cataracts and implanting the -1.00L lenses. After wearing glasses for 40 years I now no longer need them. It's a miracle!

Jean M, Cedar Grove, NJ

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