Thanks a million to Plaintiff Investment Funding, you really have helped me out tremendously. Things are much better now. Love you guys, you are my gatekeepers.

Trent, North Banch, MI

My husband had a severe injury in the service and was medically discharged. I was working as a Chef to support our family when I was crippled in an auto accident. The very slow legal system had put a terrible burden on our family. Fortunately we found our saving angel, Todd Franklin at Plaintiff Investment Funding. He listened; he understood our problems and has helped our family on more than one occasion. Without them my family would have surely lost everything.

Ellen, North Branch, MI

After an auto accident I was in bad shape not only physically but financially. I had bills piling up, lost my house, a vehicle, and I had three kids to support. I was at a loss on what to do until I found out about Plaintiff Investment Funding in Royal Oak. When I called them I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Todd Franklin. He was sympatic and understanding of my situation and my needs. After a few minutes and a few questions I was relieved beyond words when Mr. Franklin told me that they could help me with my financial situation. Plaintiff Investment Funding and Todd have been helpful with all my financial needs that have arose due to my accident. My lawsuit has been ongoing for quite some time and if it was not for Plaintiff Investment Funding we would not have a roof over our head or food the table. There are no words to describe the gratitude I have towards Todd and Plaintiff Investment Funding! I would highly recommend Plaintiff Investment Funding for your financial needs while your lawsuit is pending.

Kurt M, North Branch, MI

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