I'm the inventor of the electronic basketball game: Pop-A-Shot. I'm a former, retired college basketball coach. I didn't know much about importing. So I called Walker when we received a contract from a large public company for promoting the Pop-A-Shot game on their packaged products for March Madness. I'd been working through another importer but the volume of the order warranted that I go directly to the factory making the Pop-A-Shot games. I'd never imported directly from the supplier before and had originally contacted a New York firm to help me with that. But they didn't seem to be giving me the straight skinny. I needed to know the facts. The truth. I got it from Walker. No BS. They managed all of my freight and Customs and anything else that came up. And they saved me a ton of money and even more importantly, at my age, concern. And time. They solved any problem that came up and let me do what I want to do: sell Pop-A-Shot basketball games. Whenever I had a question, or needed an estimate, Walker was there, is there, to answer my questions and send me estimates for freight and everything else. They're the kind of player I want on my team.

POP-A-SHOT Electronic Basketball Ga, Birmingham, MI

We've been working with Walker for over sixty continuous years. That's a long time for two companies to work together. We are in the fishing tackle industry, which involves over 2,000 different items. That's a lot of SKUs but you also have to consider that each type of item has its own packaging, with a specific amount in the inner or shelf pack, and a specific amount for the shipping carton. All of that has to be according to our warehouse requirements, or those of our clients. And don't forget about the UPC codes. Walker does all of the overseas purchasing for us, but that includes packaging as well as product. And they have always gotten it 'right'. And problem solving with Walker is a partnership way of solving problems. Not adversarial. They know, and we know, that if we work together we can both have a long and mutually profitable relationship. Just like we've been doing for more than 60 years.

Fishing Tackle Distributor,

The best kept secret in the import business! We went online and contacted factories directly and received samples and reassurances that they would maintain quality and delivery and price. But in the end, communication was terrible and we really had no reassurances that they would keep their promises. And what if something went wrong? I wasn't ready to spend that much time figuring out what they really meant in their emails, and we finally threw our hands up and found Walker International online. No BS from them! They gave us the facts, as they say, "Good news and bad news…no surprises" on everything and persevered through the trials and tribulations of offshore product development. The managed all the communication. In "Chinglish" as they say. And they've spared us a lot of the 'pain'. We've been able to focus on our main business: selling our product and finding new customers, all the time Walker developed our product offshore and made sure that quality, price and delivery met our needs.

Kitchen Utensil and Home Cleaning S,

I have a job as a general contractor. I invented this hardware item that will make a lot of jobs in our business a lot easier. I didn't have time to find a supplier and do my job at the same time. And I was on a shoestring budget. Walker did everything. The item is an injection-molded item. Walker had a supplier that they've been working with forever. Tooling was far less than in the States. Walker's supplier even had ideas that made the item even better than my original invention. And the point of purchase packaging was another challenge. Walker suggested that I go with clam pack rather than blister pack because blister pack might have had damage during shipment. I never would have thought of that. It took longer than I had anticipated but in the end, I got the right product. Everything worked out. While I was doing my 'day job' Walker was doing all of my international work. I had my own international import division! Good company. Good people.

Hardware Item Inventor,

The business plan that we had for our new product line was identical to that of the plan for the business that I had sold a few months before engaging Walker's services. I needed to find an importer that understood not only the offshore challenges of importing, but MY States-side needs. Walker had the personnel that had experiences in both areas: domestic and foreign. They understood my States-side needs, and my offshore needs. And they were patient. We had never sold the product line that we wanted outsourced and we went through six or seven stages of prototyping. I think Walker told me that I had passed the 1,000 mark for number of emails sent back and forth by the time we finally decided on the style, shape, material and so on. The rest, as they say, is history. I feel like I have my own International Trade Management division with these guys on board.

Boating Products Distributor,

My background is in electrical engineering so I was very familiar with the new product line I wanted to import: induction lighting. I could sell the stuff but I had no idea as to how to find a reliable source, or how to bring it in. I tried once and when I told the potential client that samples would cost him $800.00 for airfreight and the sample, he blew his top. I found about Walker and asked if Walker could talk to clients of mine, on my behalf so to speak, and explain the ins and outs of importing, and the cost of samples. I knew that once I got samples to companies, and once they tested them, they'd see the value and cost effectiveness of induction lighting. Walker agreed to have me refer my customers to them for any international part of my program: freight, sampling, and the costs. So now when someone calls, Walker can explain far better than me the start-up costs for sampling and so on. I'm smart enough to know what I know, and what I don't know. And Walker has really complemented my expertise with theirs.

Induction Lighting Distributor,

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