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Since 1936: Global Solutions for
Product Development, Freight,
and Customs

Walkerworldtrade provides its clients with factory due diligence.  They also provide, product development, ocean freight and air freight forwarding, Customs brokerage and other Customs document filings, ‘to door’ delivery and e-Commerce solutions as well.

Walker World Trade helps you to realize the profit potential available from importing products, assemblies and parts from qualified, price competitive international manufacturers. We source your products from our existing network of pre-qualified, affiliated manufacturers, or through search and selection of new manufacturers, often recommended by our affiliates.

Seventy-five global offices provide world wide import and world wide export ocean and airfreight forwarding, Customs clearance, ISF filing and local freight. Contracts with over sixteen carriers representing over 200,000 TEU’s per year of ocean cargo and over 100,000,000 lbs. per year of air cargo afford our clients secured bookings and competitive rates.

Our Services

Since 1936: 75 years of trustworthy relationships mean premium quality, service, price and profits. From startups and inventors to Fortune 500’s.

How often have you heard the following complaints from business associates recounting their import experiences?

  •     Incomplete due diligence

  •     Inadequate supplier selection

  •     Unsatisfactory communication

  •     Unexplained delays

  •     Unnecessary costs

  •     Late shipments or lost shipments

  •     Poor quality

  •     Lost contract/client

A trustworthy relationship between your company and its international trade advisor and your Pacific Rim supplier is the most important component to a successful import transaction that maximizes your profit.

 Walker International’s first and primary goal has been to establish dependable, responsible and loyal relationships with our suppliers on behalf of our clients for over 75 years.



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