I first saw Dr. Thompson on 9-25-07 for Plantar Fasciitis heel pain. I had tried weeks of physical therapy without success. Dr. Thompson administered a cortizone injection and it was painless. I was very impressed with his foot care. I have had no recurrence of my pain since the injection.

Troy R., Coeur d' Alene, ID 83814

On March 8, 2010, Dr. Thompson treated me for an ingrown toenail on my right big toe. He removed the ingrown part of the nail during a painless procedure. I was able to walk out wearing my shoes and continued to wear shoes without pain. My toe is healing well and looks perfectly normal. I have suffered for over ten years with pain from this toenail and it was so bad that just the weight of the bedsheet was painful. Now I am looking forward to a normal nail and no pain. Thanks to Dr. Thompson and his wonderful staff for helping me. Why didn't I do this years ago?? I will eagerly recommend Dr. Thompson to my friends and family for any feet problems. Thank You!!

Sandy, Post Falls, ID 83854

Great experience. Doctor and staff were friendly and knowledgable. Answered all my questions completely and in a way I could understand. Best experience in a doctors office ever. The doctor and staff were wonderful. The doctor was very competant and answered all my questions and the staff were all very pleasant. I would not not recommend any other Podiatrist except Dr. Thompson.

Kay T., Post Falls, ID 83854

Very personable office staff and doctor. Had seen multiple doctors before with no resolution of my symptoms. They were able to diagnose my heel pain using superior, in-office technology and within 6 weeks of treatment, I am completely pain-free. I will be continuing my treatment with Dr. Thompson and place my family in his care if the need ever arises.

Robin R., Coeur 'd Alene, ID 83814

When I learned that I had diabetes, I wanted to meet a podiatrist with experience in diabetic foot care. I've had several visits throughout the last couple years with Dr. Thompson. I have alot of confidence in his judgement. He has even educated me a great deal on my condition. He fitted me with orthotics that are a tremendous help to me. I really would recommend him to anyone.

Jenn C., Post Falls, ID 83854

Doctor Thompson and his entire Staff provide an excellent service! They take care of the patient from initial consultation to final billing, always keeping the patients needs as their primary concern. I would highly recommend Dr. Thompson and his staff to anyone who might be considering foot or ankle care.

John R., Post Falls, ID 83854

I came to Dr. Thompson with some serious problems that happened while I was running. It didn't take long for him to give me a diagnosis and treatment options. Dr. Thompson explained my problem clearly, provided me with information, and answered all of my questions. His professional staff make office visits a great experience; I would not visit any other office. My overall experience has been excellent and I would recommend Dr. Thompson to anyone having foot or ankle problems.


Rick Johnson


Rick Johnson, Post Falls, ID 83854

I was referred to Dr. Bryan Thompsonby my current physician, Dr. Kevin Johnson, 

regarding a persistent pain in my right foot.


Upon meeting with Dr. Thompson, I was somewhat taken aback by his youthful

appearance. He was warm, engaging and had a great sense of humor. He

immediately diagnosed the problem and we were on our way to correcting it.


I always like to see how the front office workswith any doctor I visit. His staff

was wonderful to me.  But more importantly, they thought the world of Dr.

Thompson and he in turn treated them with respect, humor and confidence in

the job they were doing. To me that speaks volumes as to how you'll be treated

as a patient by the doctor and his staff. They all had a mutual fondness for each

other, and that translates directly to the patient. 


A year later I had another problem, and I did not hesitate to seek his advice. As it

turns out, several people I know were referred to him as well and hold him in the

same high regard I do. I don't think this is a coincidence; I think Dr. Thompson

is greatly respected in the medical community and by his peers.


I'm still under his care and can honestly say I look forward to every visit, as I

consider the staff my friends.  I couldn't be in better hands, or shall I say "feet".


Jeri Haus

Spirit Lake, ID

Jeri Haus, Spirit Lake, ID 83869

Pain, pain go away and don’t come another day! I had terrible pain in my foot for a few years, when I finally went in to see Dr. Thompson of Inland Northwest Foot and Ankle. The diagnosis was a hairline fracture in my toe. Dr. T and his staff were amazing. They actually care about their patients and want them to be pain-free, so they can resume their regular activities and life as soon as possible. I can’t say enough about my great experience with this office. I have referred several patients to them, because of the genuine care and great attitudes of the entire staff. I honestly can’t imagine going anywhere else for foot and ankle care.

Stephanie Davenport, Post Falls, ID 83854

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