I would actually describe Dr. Giletto as "old school" in the sense that he listens, doesn't hustle me out the door, takes the time to call me just to check in on how I'm doing. He has come in early when I told him I needed to be seen and the schedule was full. He even gave me his cell phone number. My grandfather was a doctor also, and I would like to imagine he was this kind of doctor.

Brad B., Atlanta, GA 30341

I want to take this opportunity to let you know of a very positive experience I had with Lucy Mchaffey. I have been to your practice approximately  four times and Lucy gives me her undivided attention every office visit. This service is very rare in today's doctor's practices. Lucy always does a thorough in-take and before I leave, Lucy reviews each medication, the purpose and patiently answers all my questions.
Last Friday, Lucy called me at 4:45 PM. I was shocked to recieve a call from a doctor's office on a late Friday, people go home early. However, Lucy called to answer a few of my questions and to make sure I was feeling better. It is because of Lucy that I will continue to be a patient of Atlanta ENT. She is a definite asset to your practice. I hope you will recognize Lucy's efforts, after you receive this.


Jeffry T. , , GA

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