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We Offer One of the Most Effective Anti-Aging Creams on the Market Today!

Collfix Corporation is registered in the State of Florida, located in Boca Raton.  Collfix is the exclusive agent for all of North and South America imports.  We specialize in importation, manufacturing and also the development of specialty skin care products.  Our nutritional supplements support health  with direct  emphasis on benefits to the skin as well as protection from skin ailments.  The most scientifically advanced research and processing is performed to create each of our unique products.

  • We offer non-prescription skin rejuvenation products and we guarantee results!
  • We create products to the consumer.  We deliver products to the consumer.  
  • All our products are free of toxic chemicals.  None are animal tested.
  • Inventia Natural Collagen is our parent company who employs only the top experts in the field of biochemistry, biotechnology and cosmetology.

We meticulously ensure that our products are not at all jeopardized by any competitors'  products.  This is so much our priority that eighty percent of the manufacturing is manually done.  All of our processing is conducted in sterile conditions (GMP and GHP certified). Raw materials are inspected with rigorous detail and production is monitored continuously. 

Collfix Corporation in Boca Ratan, Florida Employs Top Experts in Skin Care Who Offer the Best Anti Aging Cream On the Market.

For More Information call:  561-672-7322

Our Services

Want to look younger?

Interested in the best anti aging cream to obtain young looking skin?

View some of our antiaging cream skin care products including eye wrinkle cream:

NATURAL COLLAGEN INVENTIA is a revolutionary new topical skin rejuvenating cream program now being introduced in the US, Canada and South America.  It is derived from select skins of fresh water planktonophagous fish that is inspected rigorously. 

This is a truly unique “live” protein and science studies prove that INVENTIA can reduce facial wrinkles and promote very smooth, soft skin for women AND men interested in anti-aging.

INVENTIA COLLAGEN contains NO chemical preservatives.

The INVENTIA program is designed to repair and enhance specific areas of the body that include face (with specific products for eyes and neck/neck line), hands, and arms. We do not try to be all-inclusive.  Our specialty is skin regeneration, so we do not offer hair and nail product at this time.

Collagen is responsible for firmness, elasticity and proper moisturizing of the skin, as well as continuous renewal of skin cells.  The product also contains natural elastin, lactic acid and other non-collagen proteins that improve skin condition. 

  • Natural Collagen Inventia Face -  Recommended for intensive care of each skin type, especially dry and sensitive.
  • Skin Regeneration - Regenerates your skin.  
  • Collagen + Nano Gold Crystal Mask - Developed by INVENTIA PT.  It is only 1/2000 the size of our pore and penetrates easily into the dermis.
  • Collagen Day Cream - A rich nourishing day-time collagen cream.  It is great for all types of skin, and is especially recommended for very dry skin.  It also contains Collagen and Matrixyl , which have very strong anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Collagen Face and Cleavage Elixir - An elegant emulsion that provides comfort for mature skin.  It absorbs fast and hydrates the skin.  It also nourishes and protects the skin from environmental hazards.
  • Collagen Night Cream - Regenerates your skin throughout the night.  Works great for all skin types, especially for the dry, stressed out skin that is deprived of suppleness and freshness.  This cream ensures proper nourishment and proper moisturization of the skin.
  • Collagen Serum - Preparation specifically for the care of the eye area skin.  It mainly consists of collagen so it  therefore has all the advantages of Natural Collagen Inventia.  Its consists of extra enriched in vitamins A and E.
  • Collagen Under Eye - (eye anti-wrinkle cream) Delicate cream which is intended for anti-wrinkle treatment on  delicate skin underneath the eyes. It actually smoothes out wrinkles as it revitalizes the skin. 
  • Natural Collagen Inventia Face - Recommended for intense care of every skin type, especially the dry and sensitive type.   May be used at home as well as in beauty parlours.



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