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Jim Cunningham is now a Tampa based photographer and has been creating distinctive images for corporate, industrial, advertising and editorial clients worldwide and throughout the U.S. for over 20 years. Specializing in location work Jim is at home working in coal mines, steel mills, rail yards and manufacturing plants as well as medical centers and corporate offices. His studio also has an extensive stock file of commericial, corporate, manufacturing, advertising and industrial subjects.

Let Jim Cunningham Photography help your firm or client with their photography needs by providing exceptional images of its people, facilities or products.

Jim has gone into steel mills, coal mines, rail yards, medical centers and corporate offices.  Jim finds himself at home in any location, even hanging from a crane to get that ideal shot!  He has hung out of helicopters, crawled around in a 38 inch coal mine and gone up in a 200 feet in a crane bucket to get that special angle of view.

 "I love the challenge of going into a situation and making something interesting out of what is seemingly something uninteresting. I think the reason I like photography so much is also because of all the interesting new worlds it has opened up to me. I would not trade the people I have met and the places I have been because of it for anything. " By Jim Cunningham

Our Services

Photographer - Tampa, FL based photographer.

Manufacturing Photography - Hire Jim Cunningham, a very experienced manufacturing photographer that goes on location to many manufacturing facilities taking shots of products being manufactured on the spot.

Commercial Photography - Hire a very experienced commercial photographer that has done work for PPG Industries, Heinz, USA and help your client or firm with their commercial photography. 

Advertising Photography - If you want exceptional images of people, facilities or products hire Jim Cunningham an advertising potographer.

Corporate Photographer - Corporate photography and Jim Cunningham go hand and hand together.  For over 20 years, he has been creating distinctive images for all Corporate America.

Industrial Photographer - Throughout the U.S. and worldwide, industrial photography knows Jim Cunningham.

His studio has been serving Corporate and Industrial clientele with his accumulated expertise throughout the US by providing exceptional images of their people, products and facilities.

 Jim Cunningham's work has taken him into steel mills, coal mines, rail yards and dozens of medical centers, manufacturing plants as well as corporate offices throughout the U.S. and worldwide.



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