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Friday, June 27, 2014 

Dear Patient,

For the past 35 years I have had the privilege to serve as your optometrist and take care of your vision and eye health care needs.  The success of my practice has been a result os the trust you have instilled in me and my dedicated staff.  It has been a trust I appreciate and have taken very seriously.  I have been bonded to my patients and will miss you all.  

Upon deciding to retire, I have spent a great deal of time finding the right optometrist to serve as my replacement.  I had to find a Doctor who I felt was talented and caring and the perfect match for the position and practice.  I am pleased to introduce Dr. Jay Crump, who will assume the duties of my practice as of today. He will be taking over at our present location and my wonderful staff will remain to assist in the transition and your continued care.

Dr. Jay Crump was born and raised in St. Mary's, a small south Georgia town just north of Jacksonville, Florida.  He received his Doctor of Optometry Degree from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee in 1988.  Prior to attending SCO, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Oxford and Emory Universities in Atlanta. 

Upon graduating optometry school, Dr Crump moved to Fort Myers, Florida where he met his wife and practiced for more than ten years until deciding to relocate to Fernandina Beach to be closer to his family and establish a private practice.  Dr. Crump and his family loving and missing the gulf beaches vacationed frequently on beautiful Anna Maria Island and fell in love with Bradenton, which they truly feel is "The Friendly City".  He and his family enjoy the beach, fishing, boating and all that this great community offers from festivals to high school football games, spring training to the maritime museum.

After practicing Optometry for 26 years, Dr. Crump still loves and enjoys his profession and believes in establishing strong viable relationships with his patient and jproviding the best comprehensive vision and eye health care available to each individual.  He has the extensive experience in providfing excellent care to all ages as wel  as treatting eye disease, infections, and other conditions related to the health of your eyes. 

I sincerely appreciate the support and confidence you have bestowed on me troughout the years by allowing me to be your optometrist.  Dr. Crump will take good care of your future vision health.  Having found the right doctor allows me to leave knowing you are in good hands.  Please join with my loyal staff in welcoming Dr. Crump.

A signed letter by Dr. Robert Parnes is in the office if you wish to view, just ask.


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Our Services

 Eye Doctor in Bradenton, Fl has expertise in the following areas:
- Eye Exam -  A comprehensive eye exam is recommended. A yearly eye exam will help to  ensure the protection of the health of your eyes.

- Contact lenses - An evaluation and fitting of standard and specialty  lenses -There are always new contact lenses entering the market and we keep abreast of these and is able to fit the correct lens for the patients comfort and their needs.  

- Eye Disease - We can diagnos and treat eye disease. We check for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy during the comprehensive eye exam.

- Laser Surgery Consultation and co-management- We evaluate patients to see if they are a candidate for Lasik Surgery.  If the patient is a good candidate, Dr. Parnes will do the pre-care evaluation and the post-op follow up care after the procedure.

- Eyestrain - Evaluation and treatment of computer-related eyestrain -   We can treat computer-related eye strain problems by fitting the patient with specialized eyewear or contact lenses.

- Frames and Lens - Frame stying and lens recommendation to complement your lifestyle- We are qualified and ready to help each patient find the eyewear that will most compliment their appearance and fit their lifestyle.

- Frames with Sunclips - Our office has a large selection of frames with sunclips.  This option can eliminate the need for a separate pair of sunglasses.

- Eyeglass Frame Repair- All minor repairs and adjustments are complimentary.
- Contact Lens - We welcome new and experienced contact lens wearers to his practice.  There are many new contact lenses being introduced all the time and Dr. Parnes keeps well informed on each of them.
- Eye Infection - Patients that develop an eye infection or trauma to the eye are seen promptly by Dr. Parnes.
- Glaucoma Testing - Glaucoma Assessment- Dr. Parnes checks each patient for glaucoma ( the test that measures the pressure in the eye) during the comprehensive eye exam.  If he suspects glaucoma, further testing is recommended. The test results will dictate treatment by Dr. Parnes or a referral to a glaucoma specialist.
- Cataract Assessment - Cataracts, the cloudiness of the natural lens, is assessed during the eye exam. The degree of impairment is determined and a referral to a cataract surgeon is made when the decrease in vision affects the patient lifestyle.
- Prescription Sunglasses - Protect your eyes from the sun's harmfull rays today.

- Progressive Lens - We offer progressive lens so you only need one pair of glasses, instead of two.  You can read a book and your computer with the same pair.  They have progressive power lenses.

- Children's Eyeglasses - Kids Eyeglasses - We offer a combination of durability and affordability.  Does your child see things and objects up close but, not far away.  Are they squinting their eyes to read?  If the answer is yes, bring them to us, and make an appointment today.  We are patient and caring towards children who need glasses. Eyecare for children is always available at our Optometrist in Bradenton.  Do your kids need eyeglasses?

- Bifocals - Have 2 distinct optical powers. 

                                Outside Presciptions Welcome!