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Furniture Row offers customers the latest styles in quality home furnishings at the best prices possible. We continuously focus on providing a shopping experience that is tailored to your needs.  Furniture Row Companies is a group of companies all available at one convenient location, specializing in home furnishings, mattresses, linens stores, and carrying a variety of brand name. We focus on providing a shopping experience that is tailored to meet your needs. This is just one of the many reasons we are among America's fastest-growing furniture retailers. We've taken great care to select the most popular styles, grouping many of them together to make your browsing and shopping experience much easier and better than ever before.

Furniture Row takes pride that we carry only pieces of lasting style that are made using the highest quality materials. All of which means that every Furniture Row Shopping Center experience will always have common attributes to find. Furniture Row is the One-Stop-Shop for Furniture.

  • You will enjoy a terrific selection of furniture that is  practical, fashionable and built to last.
  • Unlike most other furniture stores, our salespeople are product experts, specializing in upholstery, wood furniture or mattresses.
  •  It'll be a great value, because every day, our prices are better than most other stores sale prices. Your new Furniture Row Shopping Center promises lots of friendly associates too, each of whom will gladly assist with any of your furniture shopping needs.


Our Services

Furniture Row features 4 Furniture Stores in 1 Location with the Latest Styles and a Furniture Sale Today:

  1. Sofa Mart - Specializing in Upholstery Products, Lamps, Lighting, Media Consoles and Occasional Tables
  2. Oak Express - Specializing in Dining Rooms, Home Entertainment Centers and Home Offices.
  3. Bedroom Expressions - Specializing in Beds, Kid's Beds and Linens Shoppe
  4. Denver Mattress Co. - Specializing in  Mattresses, TempurPedic, Simmons, SelecTek, MountainAir, Doctor's Choice, The Touch by So Sound

You spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping, so why not get bedspread sets that you love? It can be difficult to choose bedding since there are so many different colors, styles, and levels of quality to choose from today. If you have just purchased new bedroom furniture, then what better opportunity to get new bedding?

  • Consider the Style: Furniture tends to follow a particular style, and your bedding should strive to match that today. For example, if you get an elegant Victorian style bedroom set, then try to avoid a contemporary bed. 
  • Pick a Color Scheme: Once you pick a style that matches your furniture, choose a color that suits you. Again, it helps to consider your furniture. If it is a modern style, then brighter colors may work, if it is more traditional style it lends itself to darker or paler colors. 
  • Find a Set that Meets Your Needs: If you are getting new bedroom furniture today, then you will likely need a whole new bedding set. Consider this: Do you prefer a bed-in-a-bag for convenience’s sake or do you prefer to handpick each item in the ensemble? Complete bed sets sometimes come with items you won’t use, so consider this before spending  extra money on a set.   
  • Match Your Lifestyle: Although that fancy bedspread may be exactly what you want, will it fit your everyday lifestyle?  If it takes fifteen minutes to make your bed look good in the morning when you have to be out the door by 6 am, then it may not be worth it to buy. Similarly, if the bedding is for everyday use, then consider the design and weight of the bedspread. Weight, longevity and comfort against appearances count when choosing bedding for your furniture.

Furniture Row of Denver is 4 Stores, Sofa Mart, Oak Express, Bedroom Expressions and Denver Mattress Co all in one incredible shopping center in Denver, Co. and to find a location near you look on our contact page or go to the main website listed on the contact page.




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