I had a wonderful experience with your program. From my first phone call asking about becoming an ovum donor to my final checkup, I was treated with kindness and professionalism. Lori and the others were patient to answer all of my questions, as were the staff members at Pacific Fertility Center.

Becoming an ovum donor was not a small decision for me . . . I was convinced of the ethical and medical soundness of the program before I went forward with it, and I was not disappointed. I quickly became used to the shots, and experienced only mild side effects (moodiness and bloating). It was exciting to see my body respond to the treatments as I daily got closer to giving my recipient the opportunity to bring a new life into the world.

It's such a neat feeling to know I have helped to give new hope to a childless couple. My recipient is pregnant and I hope to hear about a very special baby born later this year. Besides the birth of my own children, I can think of few things more satisfying than making a major contribution to the happiness of another.

Clair, Berkley, CA 94701

Positive experience with PFC

From my initial encounter with PFPC, through the retrieval procedure at PFC, every staff member expressed kindness, respect, and a sincere interest in the well being of her or his clients and donors. The staff's professionalism certainly helped make my experience as an ovum donor a positive and satisfying one. However, it was being a part of making a family's dream of parenting come true that was truly an honor.

Although the communication I had with the recipients was limited to conversations through PFPC staff, I felt as though I formed a special relationship with the prospective parents.


Ellen R., San Jose, CA 95101

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