I have attended and seen a lot of training. However, Sensei Ader is by far the best instructor I have seen or trained under, both in a dojo and out. He possesses the unique qualities of a great teacher using education, inspiration, and devotion to student's growth as his hallmarks. As a teacher, he is doer. He personally instructs all students at all levels. As a karate man, his skills are superior, however, his humility is unparalleled. Anyone that has the fortunate opportunity to train under Sensei Ader will be a better person mentally and physically for the rest of their life from the lessons learned from him. You are missing a rare opportunity by not working with Sensei Ader. What are you waiting for? Frank Schmidt, Colorado Springs, CO

I have been training in Karate for approximately four and a half years now, and I look forward to every training session. Before I first started Karate I had played a lot of different kinds of sports, soccer, ice hockey and several others. I had a certain number of sports injuries from the past. After starting Karate, my back pain and the other injuries began to feel better and better. The flexibility training and the body toughening, along with all the movements we perform through doing Kata and sparring really make me feel great. I also really like doing all the weapons training. I no longer have any back pain and am continuing to sculpt my body into a solid form that really makes me feel good. Karate is great for mind, body and spirit. I would recommend Karate training to anyone who is serious about wanting to learn self defense, and who wants to improve their fitness, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level Semper Fi, James Dove, Colorado Springs, CO

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