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A wonderful anxiety therapist in Westlake Village is Dr. Jonathan Brower, provides therapeutic approach of finding and understanding the underlying causes of anxiety, anxiety attacks,  depression, stress and then creating a personal plan for each individual he meets with. YOU have the power to change your life, let me show you how to access it.  Anxiety can affect anyone at any age. Please contact me and discover a life that is worry free and equipped with the right tools to manage yourself under stress.

Often your anxiety seems to come out of nowhere, like a spontaneous wave of uncomfortable sensations in your body, from your head all the way down to your feet.  The truth is, though, that your anxiety is always linked to what is happening inside you right before you have the anxiety sensations.

What I know is that your suffering can stop when you learn how to pay close attention to what is driving your anxiety -- the hidden emotions and feelings that you have learned to dismiss and push away.  What I also know is that you want to stop suffering. You want your body and mind to be more relaxed and at ease. You want a better life for yourself, your important personal relationships, your job, and your free time to enjoy.

You don't have to go through this alone.  I'd like to help you get rid of your anxiety and have a more comfortable and satisfying life. You don't have to wait another day.  Call Dr. Jonathan Brower today for help with panic attacks and anxiety.  You have the power to change your life and Dr. Brower will show you how.
Depression - Is to de-energize one's self so emotions cannot be fully felt.  Depression promotes the closing down of a person's life-force, so that their energy becomes flat and empty.   Start to learn  how to embrace life and be happy. 

Depression Treatment by Jonathan Brower, Ph.D

Depression promotes the closing down of your life-force, so your energy becomes flat and empty.  You are like a prisoner within yourself and a complete downer to other people.  You push yourself into isolation and you push yourself away from other people who want to be engaged with you. Let me help you.  Learn how to embrace life and be happy.

Get Rid of Anxiety and Get Control of Your Life Today, Beat Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Dr. Jonathan Brower, It Is My Pleasure to Help 818-707-4557

Our Services

My job, and pleasure, is to help you to defeat your anxiety and be comfortable with yourself.  I work with individuals, couples and families to give you the tools to manage yourself under:

Anxiety - Anxiety Attack - Are fears and hidden emotions you learned to dismiss and push away.  Let me, Dr. Jonathan Brower, show you how you have the pwer to change your life today!

Panic Attack - Panic attacks are periods of intense apprehension or fear that are of sudden onset and of variable duration of hours to minutes..  A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that will trigger a severe physical reaction when there is no apparent cause or danger. Usually, panic attacks are treated with relaxation techniques and reassurance.

Depression - Depresssion Treatment - Dr. Jonathan Brower, a psychotherapist wants to reach out and help you with your depression.    Depression is to de-energize yourself so emotions cannot be fully felt. 

Normally, the first session is three hours in length. This gives us time to become aware of aware your anxiety symptoms as they emerge in our first meeting. You will have time to become familiar with your defenses-- the walls you erect--that enable you to push down the emotions and feelings you have that you are afraid to fully face. You will have enough time to begin to know more about the process of your anxiety and you may experience important feelings and memories that surface as we do our work.
The other sessions normally range from ninety minutes to three hours, depending on your preference. The advantage of at least ninety minutes is that there is ample time for us to make significant progress per session. Some of my clients travel considerable distance (one hundred miles or more) for their sessions. For them it is common to have a three hour session on two consecutive days. In-between these two sessions they stay overnight at local motels.  Typically this is done one to two times per month. However, the time sequence can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the client.  All sessions are by appointment only.
Depression Treatment -  by Jonathan Brower, Ph.D.
The essence of depression is to d-energize one's self so that the power of one's emotions cannot be fully felt. The key emotion under the exhaustion and lethargy of depression, most often, is strong anger. As with anxiety, depression derails one from fully knowing more about the anger/rage that he or she has toward the people who have been significantly hurtful to him or her.
Depression promotes the closing down of a person's life-force, so that their energy becomes flat and empty. They become prisoners within themselves and downers to other people. They push themselves into isolation and push away other people who want to be engaged with them. 
Anxiety and Depression often overlap. It is not unusual for the two to be teamed-up together. Many of the same people who have anxiety (fear) about their impulses (what the emotion wants to do) have depression to stay away from knowing about that part of themselves.  Guilt for one's unconscious fantasies can spiral and entangle with one's depression.



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